The world is full of news and things happen around the globe in every second. Some events become major news and some remain as just a news. With the invention of information technology or internet, the news and media has changed the ways. Newspapers are left far behind and electronic media is also having a challenge.

While there are millions of news websites available on the internet, News Nirwana is a small step towards creating its own new world. Launched in April, 2018 the website has got some plans and stages to reach the destinations.

At our first level we are bringing you the news under some sections/ categories in short form. We present important and interesting news with titles and photos and very brief content and further provide you the links of other websites to read the full stories. It is to avoid the unwanted details you don't wish to read. Those who want to get the stories in details can go to the links. We have also created a section of opinions where we express our views on selected news topics. We also welcome you to write in this opinions section.

News Nirwana's admin team is based at Pakistan and our contributors belong to different countries and nationalities.

We are actively present on all major Social Networks and you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Youtube.

The website and all its related segments are owned by PLV Network.
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