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We would appreciate your wish and effort to write at News Nirwana. We welcome your valuable writings as guest articles on our website. All such articles are published under the title and category of Opinions and are rated as articles or columns. After writing at least 10 successful articles with us, we may invite you to become a regular writer for the website. Remember, we currently have no financial benefits available with our this offer. 

You can send us your articles on any interesting, important and informative topic. It may be politics, news, history, technology, travel, events, personalities, personal experiences, memories, health, business and others. But surely we would not accept all kinds of bad topics generally human societies don't accept.

You will need to send your articles in Microsoft Word format of Pdf zip files. Any link to other websites will not be accepted.

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We hope to find your articles written with clear titles, references if needed, respectful language and readable content.

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Finally, where to send your beautiful works? Yes, you can send your articles through email at and we hopefully will respond you as quick as possible. 
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